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Malena Russell

Friedackerstrasse 23
8050 Zürich / Switzerland

Tel: ++41 43 288 57 77



About me

I graduated from Winchester school of Art in Textiles BA (Hons) specialising initially in knitwear in my final year but found my true calling working with embroidery. After graduating I gained practical experience working with an embroidery firm for a year which was a real eye opener and after that year I ventured out with a group of friends with our portfolios under the banner of Chrysalis Design to Como, New York and Paris to sell our textiles and to our amazement we did! A few years later I moved to Zürich as my husband is Swiss and I continued with Chrysalis Design focussing solely on embroidery.  
I frequently exhibited in Paris and successfully sold internationally to Designers and High street fashion firms alike. 
I then started producing textile collections for women and childrenswear with 2 wonderful studios, one in New York, Group Four Design Studio Ltd. and one in Como, Musticstyle who represented me for many years. 
After 19 years of textile designing I was drawn to making patches under the Twinkles brand as I wanted to produce something fun and cute for children ( and adults alike!).  My patches encompass my love of colour, fabric and textiles. I came up with Twinkles as I wanted a name which was a bit cheeky like our cat, so I use him for my logo. Together with my husband we hope you enjoy our patches and we hope to be spreading lots of twinkles!


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